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Cocotzin is an enthusiastic project whose main objective is to make known to the world the artisan products made by the Mexican indigenous peoples. We have high quality products that the international market demands, providing the best customer service and supporting rural communities in Mexico to improve their social, economic, and academic development.


Artisan work is more respectful with the environment and requires less electrical energy for its production. Handmade products generate sources of employment that in turn support the local economy. Generally, these products are exclusive, unique and manufactured with unmatched quality. Therefore, behind each handcrafted craft, there is a better shopping experience promoting more responsible consumption since behind each piece there is a story to tell. The artisan product keeps alive the essence of culture and traditions depending on the social context, the landscape, the climate, the resources and the history of the place where they are produced.


Contribute to the development of Mexican indigenous communities by providing support through the commercialization of their products, sustaining sources of work, and promoting the preservation of their traditions. To achieve that the artisan work of the Mexican indigenous peoples transcends internationally, leaving a Mexican footprint in each client.

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